Wednesday, 7 February 2018

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BAD CREDIT,NO CREDIT? NO Issue! was based on the thought that the house buying process ought to be simple and easy to comprehend. Homeownership is a great, not a freedom and there is no reason you must have to continue renting or paying excessive amounts of interest if you don’t have to. With the appropriate resources and tools and a thorough comprehension of how the method works, homeownership is possible, irrespective of your present situation! is the pioneer in Rent to Own homeownership sources nationally. was designed by real estate professionals with more than twenty years of combined experience, who understand the unique needs of the Rent to Own property buyer and seller. We’re dedicated to helping you reach your objective of owning a house, irrespective of your past credit situation!

  • A house that you can have after the initial 12-24 month rental period*
  • Homes which don’t require Decent credit*
  • Down payment credits*
  • Flexible terms*
  • No initial lender qualification*

    Recognizing how Rent To Get works

    *What’s a Rent to Own Transaction?

    A typical Rent to Own trade is when a homeowner agrees to lease you their home and you, the tenant, will have an option to purchase the house for a pre-negotiated price before the lease period is up. It gives you a opportunity to “test out” the house and surrounding area, while you focusing on building up a deposit and repairing any past credit problems.

    If you are tired of renting and want to get a house, but your charge, income or lack of a deposit will not allow you to qualify for a mortgage at the moment, subsequently Rent to Own may be right for you. If bad credit is holding you back, then you certainly will need some time to fix it. With homes for lease to own, also known as a lease option or lease to have, you have to live at the house you want right now as you work on getting your own credit repaired enough to buy the house when the lease period is up. Achieving credit improvement goals is vital during the leasing period and also we can provide you with the resources and tools you’ll need to acquire a strategy in place to get yourself back on course.



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