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Business Showcase : The Bitcoin Advertising Team — Native Tech News


Describe the organization, the elevator pitch…

The Bitcoin Marketing Team is a Dublin based cryptocurrency Marketing Agency, blockchain along with specialist bitcoin. Over that time we’ve worked on almost 20 jobs such as ICO’s that have increased in excess of $100m, in addition to projects relating to cryptocurrency markets, payment chips, events, gambling suppliers and some other blockchain related jobs. We have increased headcount at the end of last year to four staff, will probably be carrying on a different one or two staff in the near future and also have a continuous flow of new and projects queries.

Exactly how are you different?

We have been running since 2014 when bitcoin wasn’t just en fashion, so nicely in our third season today with earnings and profitability climbing strongly year-on-year. This has provided us a exceptional overview of several sub-sectors of this space, and the adapted approach we’ve taken from our time in the video games sector has functioned nicely on the blockchain together with our customers.

Why will you do nicely?

We have spent time and effort steadily growing our commercial and SEO profile comparatively under the radar and have established ourselves as one of the leading and more seasoned crypto marketing services in Europe.

Being in Ireland has also helped us select up work in North America in addition to Asia, as we are placed to work within our evenings or mornings together with people outside European time zones.

We also have been really lucky to have the chance to procure work on some quite cool blockchain jobs such as Salt Lending, also a blockchain lending stage, and it is also good to find the opportunity to leverage our movie games experience with jobs such as Playkey, a games console streaming meets cryptocurrency mining system which is similar to Onlive or even Gaikai, and then other non-token sale projects.

I really don’t see any reason in a new business like blockchain an Irish firm with an global focus can not compete with anybody in Silicon Valley or even London.

Which are you based?

We have been established in Dublin, and have just moved into The Digital Hub, and it is amazing as I worked there for almost 3 years once I worked in games publishing, so it is great to be back on familiar ground.

The Bitcoin Marketing Team @BitcoinMkting & @ChrysalisFraud are happy to join @TheDigitalHub & attract some #bitcoin along with #blockchain into #dublin 8

— Jamie McCormick (@DublinJammers) January 10, 2018

When was the firm started?

The company initially launched in 2013 as a indie game writer named Scraggly Dog Games, as my background as the early 2000’s was in video games, where I recently printed extensive research regarding the Irish games industry such as the Games Industry in Ireland 2012 Report, the #IrishGameDev deadline and #IrishGameDev map ( all on But all this showed me was I couldn’t create a workable business specializing in the Irish movie games sector.

We reincorporated in June 2014 into the bureau behind the Bitcoin Marketing Team, that has worked lots of non-blockchain jobs, however over 3/4 of our work is in blockchain these days.

What have been your most important wins thus far?

Proving to ourselves that we can procure high profile jobs which have increased between $100m between them, in addition to helping some smaller non-ICO jobs to work through their marketing and obtain their jobs positioned in order that they can grow them in the rate they want.

Who are you looking to attract to your service?

We normally work with entrepreneurs and businesses who need marketing abilities from a reliable, and people can provide unique solutions depending on the stage they are in, whether they are in production, into development, coming up to your launch, or have their merchandise available on the market. There is plenty of salespeople out there, but we predicted the firm Bitcoin Marketing Team because that is exactly what our customers are hiring.

What tips could you give others seeking to build their company?

It takes a few years of frustration and heartbreak to set up a company (such as a lot of psychological and financial sacrifice from your family), get first sales and move out there, in addition to a lot of downtime early on. We could have gone into any sector, however we thoroughly and objectively researched the blockchain sector to recognize it as one that could have an enduring and continuing skills gap, established our firm to compete for the opportunity and then invested a lot of time setting our new through hard work.

But I also needed to make a difficult decision that after almost 15 years in the games industry I could not make a living from this sector that I was the most passionate about. Making this decision also making my peace with this allowed me to build a business in what has ended up being one of the most cutting edge industries that there is right now.

Tell us about your group?

The core management team is myself, along with my buddy Rene Reichert who I worked together my video games publishing time in gPotato and was using NCSoft before that. The remainder of the staff is distributed throughout Dublin and Kerry as we are pretty flexible with our operating conditions to appeal and be family friendly.

Which are your plans for your future?

Get through the jobs we have, continue securing a steady pipeline of projects to our small business, and develop our business steadily and organically in Ireland. We’ll be hiring on and off within the entire year to help support the business, so any marketing or advertising people who want to get in contact with us to put their CV on document can do this by emailing

Which are your favourite tech gadgets?

My Nintendo Switch! I am looking forward to acting the Zelda Expansions, and I also began Super Mario Galaxy. I am a huge Nintendo fan since NES, and now that I believe the console is amazing, and perform it longer in handheld way than on my TV.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could utilize to aid you?

Not a gadget, but I really wish I had been likely in order to code, as I’ve a bunch of ideas for matching games and blockchain that I can not make myself.

Anything else you’d love to add/we must have asked?

We are considering running a run of crypto-focused events around 2018 in Dublin looking at some different sections of blockchain, including some workshops so stay tuned into our website    and  watch here also for more  information.

How do people get in contact with you?

Folks can reach me directly through jamiemccormick/ or even @DublinJammers on Twitter. For people who wish to work with us on a blockchain project, they can email or fill in the form on the website, or when people wish to work for us and also have marketing, advertising or writing wallpapers, they can send their CV along with a cover letter to and if next time we are hiring we will begin looking there before we advertise the tasks.

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