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SRA intervention: Maus Solicitors

The certificates of Agada and Weston have been suspended as a consequence of the intervention.

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Conflicts in cricket Supporting Battles

Battles have been barred by Judicial activism in cricket in Severe areas such as financial markets

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Experienced Political Freelancer

We’re looking for experienced political freelancers who will write feature fashion creative nonfiction, the kind of job that people find at the magazine pieces of large newspapers, books such as “The Atlantic” and “Esquire,” and sites such as “Foreign Policy.”

Here at Practical Politicking, we’re looking for things that reveal instead of telling them. We also respect our authors’ efforts and don’t confuse them using sensationalism that is unfounded or fake news.

Excellent earnings potential and remote work is both acceptable and expected. We’re searching for motivated professionals and budding, but gifted, amateurs looking to move their career to another level.

Review our Freelancer Guidelines and apply if you like what we offer and you meet your own standards.

Email queries to .


Video: Farmers market woes

PSE&G is ripping up the streets in the Farmers Market in Paterson and sellers say that the project is a catastrophe for company.

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Campus Film Symposium showcases films

In a lecture theater in the Behavioral Sciences Building Friday night, films competed representing the filmmaking fires alive in CSU.

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Chronic Illness: Choosing Health Over Dreams

Since May Kings College Hospital as a Healthcare Support Worker had employed me. I was in my element  and I loved it. I worked at Fetal medication units and the Fertility and that I adored every second I spent with every patient and each and my team. Everyday I would wake up at 5:00 a.m., have a two-hour commute to the hospital, then get into my uniform or get scrubbed into theater and work my butt off until 5:00 p.m. when my shift ended. It was hard, it was tiring, it was draining but it was amazing.   After approximately three weeks at the unit I determine everything and then could remember the protocols of each treatment cycle. I found the location where I integrated and left so many friends. It was my dream and the step up for my career route.

But as I suppose you figured, it couldn’t last.   I started getting drained and becoming fibro flares. But I started to show signs of troubles. I couldn’t hack it. Doctor’s orders left me hand in my opinion and depart as I was “unfit to do the job.” My unit and my staff were so comprehension (I  guess they needed to be, we’re at the caring profession). They gave me an fantastic of cake and presents and as far as I was devastated that I would not be there anymore, I understood it was for the best.

Most people have their own lives fairly. For me, that’s quite clearly  not the situation. I know what I need. I have aspirations and dreams that I believed I was on track.   I wasn’t ready that my aims were once again having to be placed on hold for my sanity and my own health.

My first instinct when I realized that I needed to leave was to feel bloated. I kept thinking about how I would not  be able to pay rent to my mother, I would not  be able to save to get a mortgage, so I would not  be able to take my boyfriend out, I would not  be able to treat my little brother and that I would not  be in a position to be independent. I didn’t and still don’t want to be dependent on anybody, therefore all I believed was focused guilt. I moved on the situations to my mother and boyfriend to receive guidance and mostly approval. For me, they wanted what was right for me and understood that sticking it out for even longer could be a detriment for me.

I knew down deep that the choice was for the best, as otherwise I would have worked my way to a hospital bed, but it didn’t make the transition any easier for me personally. I knew that my body was grateful not to be underpaid and overworked however that I couldn’t help believing that I was wrong to do this. As much as I like studying and sitting in my pajamas, I am just not one of those individuals who can do nothing all day. I want routine. I  must feel useful and I must feel like I am getting anything I get.   Being from work for another couple of months will be somewhat difficult but I know it’ll be greater in the long term. I  do not actually have a selection.

I still find it really hard to think that this is the unpleasant reality. Though you believe you could be set to a road to something better, it is extremely probable that there will be barriers and you will be knocked down along  the road, but it is OK.

You’re not currently giving up however letting go for a small while.   It’s not bravery although defeat to make the decision that’s perfect for you. It doesn’t matter what family or your buddies might think  is wrong or right — the person who’s living it can only ever makes that the decision. Your choice is valid and your choice is correct.

We would like to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here.

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Brighton 1-2 Newcastle

Highlights in the Amex at the two in the Sky Bet Championship faced off against each other.

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Friday, 29 September 2017

It Seems Cricket Has Been Scrapped In The 2018 Asian Games At A Bid to Reduce Costs

The amount of occasions has cut down from 439 to 431.

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Properties for Rent in Qatar — Flats for Rent in Qatar #prestige #car #rental


#flat rent

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Frederick, I appreciate your follow up and professionalism.   I would like to also commend you on having such a fantastic employee she has shown client management skills and has been quite pleasant to take care of.   I thank you both for your continued [ ]

I like to acknowledge the support given by Frederick. He did good!

I got a first rate service out of Khadija Jackson. I would highly recommend her to friends and loved ones. Thanks again.

The friendly suggestions and great guidance from Mrs. Jackson has been a big support and has been greatly contributing to our choice of choosing the apartment. Thank you.

Very much appreciate Coreo for providing importance on finding our apartment to us. They had showed amazing and great properties to us. I will recommend Coreo to my colleagues.

I recently sold my apartment The Pearl through Coreo and I am writing to say how pleased I had been by the service given by the Khadija and Hisham. Before I met them, selling my home  proved to be a stressful experience, but after I left what after which Hisham, [ ]



Farmers Market Recipe Collections

Find ideas in such recipe collections for how to utilize farmers market produce–asparagus, rhubarb and carrots from spring; berries, zucchini and tomatoes in the summer; and oranges, pumpkins and squash in fall.

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Episode 95 (Random Movie Trends and Stats) 04/28 by Movies Films along with Flix

Mark dives in his stat novel and breaks fascinating movie trends he has uncovered in his research down.

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Brandy Discharged from hospital

Brandy Norwood has returned home Following the singer was rushed by a Delta plane in Los Angeles bound for New York City to the hospital on Friday.

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Commercial Property For Sale In London Available Now

If you need to purchase commercial property, and you are in London, you will be amazed at how much there is actually available. You may not be able to afford some of it, but you will be able to find excellent deals from on many properties that you will be able to use. Here are a few tips on locating commercial property that is for sale in London that you can purchase for your business.

Where Should You Start Looking For This Commercial Property?

Most people will begin with real estate agents that will provide them with the latest listings. Second, they might talk to associates that they have that may know someone who is selling commercial property and will offer an excellent deal. Regardless of where you go, or who you ask, the key is to be persistent. If you can find several different businesses that are listing properties, one of them is going to have something that will be in your price range.

How Quickly Can You Get Access To The Property?

Getting access to the property will typically have been a couple weeks after escrow has closed. You will then be able to start moving in everything from your existing business to this new location. It’s the easiest way to get started with an expansion of your company to purchase a new structure or building. If you have a business that is growing, and you need a larger commercial building, start looking for commercial properties in the London area that are currently for sale.

Belchak Corin gives a better suggestion that should be considered is that you will see advertisements that are in local papers. You may also hear people talking about this on the radio, or you may see a website showcasing only commercial properties online. Either way, you will soon have a property of your very own that you can expand your business with in no time at all.


Finest Student Bargains In Brighton

Brighton is a student town, with Brighton University there are tons of pupils and Sussex University. Via: Les Chatfield Flickr Buses As a pupil with a valid Student ID you can purchase passes and bus tickets for less with Brighton and Hove Buses! Follow this link! Via Flickr Student Nights Nearly all bars and nightclubs in the city have drink deals for pupils, and there are nights to get a pupil you will get perks! Via: Roderick Eime Flickr Shopping retail stores in Churchill Square have discounts for students, you need to ask! Via: Joe Green Flickr Takeaway Using Unidays there are deals for meals and carry out, delivery services such as deliveroo have some Sort of delivery for pupils.      

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Worcester Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys #death #lawyers, #law #firm, #law #office, #lawyer, #attorney #attorneys



Worcester, Massachusetts, Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury

For more than 40 decades, Bailey Burke’s Law Offices have represented thousands of injured people of Massachusetts regaining, securing their benefits, and shielding their projects. Using a success rate of 99.6 per cent, our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys know what it takes to win cases and also help our customers get back on their financial feet again.

Worcester — — Fitchburg — Leominster — — Ayer — — Clinton — Marlborough

Contact the law office of Bailey Burke for a free preliminary consultation if you have been injured in an accident.

Helping Clients, Demanding Answers

Bailey Burke is proud to struggle for fair and just compensation for our clients that have claims because of:

We also deal with family law promises related to:

We offer criminal defense representation.

Our Benefits and Distinctions Through Other Law Firms

With years of successful experience, the lawyers of Bailey Burke have made an exceptional reputation and esteem of the peers in the community in addition to one of attorneys and judges. We’re highly respected by the insurance representatives providing ethical and professional services which benefit their customers with better outcomes to their cases.

How Our Worcester County Wrongful Death Lawyers Will Win Your Case

We take injury cases with varying degrees of injury and damages, and every one receives care and the support of our staff. We follow each lead, employ the specialists, and utilize the most current and advanced technology to give you an edge over the opposition. We use the most recent methods to clearly demonstrate the severity of the injuries sustained by our customers. Completely preparing and certainly demonstrating all of the accidents and damages sustained by our customers, most of our instances favorably settled out of court without even going to trial.

No Fees If You Don’t Win

In personal injury cases, we charge no fees unless we win. Our fees are based on a reasonable proportion of the sum we get for you. We will never settle your case we do supply you with the understanding.

Contact Bailey Burke now, if you have questions about an injury case or call us and take charge of your future.

Questions? We have the answers.

Fill out the form below. You will be contacted by one of our attorneys.




Rent-a-room tax relief does it function?

I‘m confused concerning rent-a-room tax relief and how it works.   I want to construct three rooms in my house and let them out. These rooms may also have their very own kitchen and bathroom.

I’ll be living in my own region of the home.   Can I able to claim the relief that is rent-a-room?

From the scenario you describe, it doesn’t seem as if you will have the ability to file for relief that is rent-a-room.

The strategy applies to those who conduct a guesthouse or bed and breakfast, or to those who let a given room to a lodger in their own residence.   Short term lettings, like the ones are also covered.   From letting rooms in such cases out, the initial # 7,500 made is tax-free.  

But it seems as in the event that you intend to create. They will have their own entries and facilities.

There is an exception where the branches of the space are temporary, for those who let furnished accommodation in a flat.

There are no hard and fast rules about exactly what constitutes a “temporary branch” however HMRC will wonder how long the walls have been in place and how long they are intended to remain. The taxman may also want to know if the residence has its own address and entry.


DP&L to Maneuver Tasks to Argentina: Dayton Business

Dayton Power & Light layoffs

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That is My Village

They comprise close friends, extended family, teachers and babysitters while I think about the significant players in Mazzy and Harlow’s own lives. I am not the only person who has increased my kids or who will influence their decisions  later on.

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Han Solo star Michael K. William cut from film ” Celebrity Gossip and Movie News

Han Solo – A New Star Wars Story Celebrity Michael K. Williams’ Personality has reportedly been cut from the film

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Hospital looks at moving center to Pinsetter’s

Clay County Medical Center has looked at the Bowling Alley of the Pinsetter to move Crossfit programs and the hospital’s Wellness Center, Hospital CEO Austin Gillard Stated at Lions Club.

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Search Engine Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Trump Picks Wall Street Lawyer to Enforce Wall Street Law

New Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Jay Clayton does not seem like a type of guy.

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Flats to rent in London: the 10 areas to find a two-bedroom apartment

Londoners in search of more affordable rents should lead Erith in London according to a new report. The city in the borough of Bexley tops the list of the least expensive place to rent with asking rents for a home. This is less than half the average of #2,049 for a comparable property.

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Funny comic reveals the dilemmas of life as a freelancer

Who does not wish to go freelance? You get to set your own program, like working at home at the comfort of your pyjamas, and perhaps make more income than you would in conventional employment. What is more, you will be able to complete those personal projects you’ve been putting off? Yeah, about that…

Figuring out that the freelance life is not the fast track to satisfaction that is creative which you might think it is. In this brilliant comic from Deadly illustrator Cathrine Luzette, the team of productivity grief many freelancers encounter is superbly brought to life.

One freelancers are hitting the air because they’ve finished the next, their commission. We’ve never seen it exemplified delightfully as the comic of Luzette, although it is a battle we’re convinced lots of freelancers could relate to. Check it out below.



Rentals from the Villages


#the villages rentals

Rental at the Villages

Why remain in The Villages?

Indulge yourself in golfing, tennis, pickleball, cards, or swimmingpool. Enjoy nightly dance and entertainment two city centers, Lake Sumter Landing and Old Spanish Springs. Dine in one of the state club restaurants or one of the many s at the city centers.

Movie buff? There are many choices out there in our two theatres that are unique. Card participant? Enjoy making new friends in a few of recreation centers or the many neighborhood every day at card games.

Sports fanatic? Sorry. But there are too many choices accessible to mention individually!

To get a $50 fee, The Villages gives tenants an ID Pass that provides all of the benefits of becoming a resident including the free golf on one of those 51 executive classes. This move covers two people for the amount of stay!

_ Each of our 4 rental home prices include:

Free Use of Golf CartFully Furnished HomeCompletely Equipped Kitchen

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Power Rangers Actor Joins DC Comic Film

Chinese celebrity Ludi Lin, who was recently seen playing the Dark Ranger in Liongate’s “Power Rangers” reboot, has landed the part of Murk in Warner Bros.’ DC superhero movie “Aquaman.”

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Homeless Wellness and Health fair to be held at Atlanta

People from specialties of all walks are all getting together to do some community in Atlanta.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Struggle continues over Mississippi gay-marriage law

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Wrangling continues over a Mississippi law which lets merchants and government officials mention religious beliefs to deny services to same-sex couples.

Lawyers filed papers Thursday asking the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to block the law .

Legal experts say it’s the broadest law.

It shields three beliefs: that marriage is solely between a woman and a man, sex should take place and a individual’s sex is determined at birth and can’t be altered.

A federal district judge blocked the law from taking effect ruling it unconstitutionally establishes beliefs and generates treatment for folks.

June 22, the hold was raised by an appeals court panel on the law. Plaintiffs need the appeals court to reverse this decision.

The post legal fight lasts over Mississippi gay-marriage law appeared first on WTOP.

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Can Not get enough cricket

The Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) as Well as their cricket…

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Car Hire #car #rent


#car rentals uk

Car Hire

7 days car hire from Malaga Airport from only 4.94* per day.

Holiday Extras — Auto hire comparison

Holiday Extras searches so you do not have to, a large number of destinations and car hire companies. So, no matter if you re off on business or vacation, we can help you save you time and money comparing auto rental in the UK and worldwide. Our spouse —Flexible Car Hire— has more than 20 years experience in the car rental business offering the most competitive rates from a number of the biggest names in auto leasing —Alamo, Europcar, National, Enterprise, SIXT .

In three clicks you can. What is more we do not put in commission, thus you’re always guaranteed the best price available.

Additional Vehicle hire locations

3 steps to cheap auto hire

Search— fill out your information above and click on search to compare Select— pick the car you would like to hire Novel— with our secure payment method

How it Works

Our spouse —Flexible Car Hire— has more than 20 years experience in the car rental business enabling us to give you the very competitive prices from a number of the biggest names in automobile leasing —Alamo, Europcar, National, Enterprise, SIXT .

As soon as your payment has been authorised you’ll get an email confirmation with your reservation reference amount. Keep all the information on your reservation confirmation handy when you collect the car at your destination, as you’ll need it along with your documents. We also have a checklist to be certain you’ve got all.

Holiday Extras provides excellent bargains, if you’re looking for transport to your hotel. You can simply take also out holiday insurance, in addition to thiscoverage. Giving you peace of mind should you run into any issues.

In Holiday Extras we want to make your trip which means you are able to reach the road joyful. If you’re flying out of a UK airport; we can help you save up to 60 percent on airport parking. airport hotels and airport lounges. too.

*The costs quoted are based on a single driver, aged 25, with a full UK driving licence hiring a car for 7 days, picking-up along with dropping-off in Malaga Airport, Spain. Prices correct at time of this writing. Subject to change based on availability.

UK, Europe and Worldwide lease locations

With thousands of drop-off and pickup locations around the globe, we’re sure you’ll see the best car hire prices no matter where you’re travelling.

We cover an extensive assortment of car hire locations that are international and UK, so whether you’re looking to find cheap car rental in Spain or London, our auto hire comparison tool can help.

Airport car rentals

We know a lot of you will want to pick-up your hire car at your destination airport, so that’s the reason you’re able to compare all the major airport locations worldwide and these less-frequented ones.

At airports there may be an off-site location, although in most airports you’ll see the car hire desk located at your birth terminal. In this case, it is probable you are going to take a shuttle bus or so the car will be purchased to you. You will see if the car is onsite in the airport or even a shuttle bus off, when selecting your car to employ.

Popular airport auto hire locations

Wide Variety of vehicles

From MPVs and compact-minis to family saloons and luxury automobiles, we compare a huge array of vehicles to rent your budget and which will fit your needs.

Compact mini hire

  • Ac
  • 4 x suitcases
  • 2 x ray riders
  • two x doors


10 Freedom-Pursuing Tips for Living The Freelancer Lifestyle

Freelancing: The glorious work lifetime. You know the adage, “Do what you like, and you’ll never work another day in your lifetime.”

It is not all sunshine and rainbows. You still need to work diligently to find your core clients in the start.

Freelancing is the greatest employment station with freedom possible as soon as you’ve got a source of business and a client-base.

How great is the freelancing life? Following is a collection of the main benefits that come hand-in-hand with the decision.

1. You Earn Every Cent into The Dollar

Among the rationales made to leave a job in favor of freelancing is the capability.

At a business, as soon as a bid is made to a customer for your services, the bidding incorporates overhead costs (management, technology, leasing value, etc.). Therefore, you might be providing $2,000 worth in influencer advertising approaches or design solutions — but you are only really getting a third of this.

When you are freelancing, you can bid for expenses. The gap? You keep every penny of it. There’s no dividing capital among direction, without a trickle down in capital. Every little is yours. How great is that? It is amazing.

2. Can Make Your Own Outcomes

Sure, you have deadlines.

Nevertheless, you can choose to meet those deadlines in whatever fashion you choose. Children have? No issue. It’s possible to just begin work in 6 p.m.. You got invited to go on a camping trip in the center of the workweek? Go! It is possible to work from your laptop at night.

That is the attraction of freelancing. You choose if you work, the way you work, and where you are working.

3. Work/Life Balance

Get this: Just 29 percent of salespeople work a complete 40-hour workweek (mad, thinking about #5).

That means additional time for your partner, more time for that novel you’ve been writing, additional time for exercise…. More time for living.

freelancing balance

4. Greater Earnings

As a freelancer, then you’ve got to find familiar the pricing for your degree of job. You’ll place your prices for jobs and then submit them. If you bid your projects too large, you may drop the gig. Or, you can just say no. Clients who appreciate your work will pay you greater.

freelancing compensation

You have got to be more careful here, though. With placing your prices too high do not get too zealous. You’ll risk not winning company or any new clients.

A good rule of thumb is: If you are taking on a lot of clients at once, you could consider increasing your rates. In case your client-base is new or non-existent nonetheless, you ought to do the opposite. You find your spot.

The US freelancer earns than your typical worker. Pretty incredible, considering all of the perks that come with the occupation.

Recommended for You

5. You Control the Project

This is the pinnacle of freedom. Sure, if you need to appease into the customer, but no director or higher-up will have a say on your own work. This could potentially be considered negative — there is not anyone to fix.

But yet again, an entrepreneurial attitude is needed to become a freelancer. With that comes a obsessive need for perfection.

As a freelancer, you are given the freedom to think beyond obstacles and office politics.

Additionally, you will not be subject to a few of the projects you may need to finish in a setting — You select which jobs to choose.

6. Several Procedures of Income

You can not survive to provide work to you. That is the fantastic thing about freelancing — You aren’t currently relying on a single customer, or stressing for that possible corporate layoff.

You’ll always have the safety of a plethora of clienteleas you keep your effort levels high and quality of work impeccable. 1 customer decides to off you off? Forget about it. You have got a lot more to keep you occupied, and another spot open for one more customer.

7. Paradise or Starbucks

Where you want work. You do not need to check in having a supervisor, or clock to some time-sheet.

You’ll be a member of the life. Free work with clients across the globe, to journey where you desire, and also live a life of ties. Work in paradise, or use the Starbucks WIFI — how and where you are working It is your decision.

8. Self-Generating

Here is where the mindset comes back into play. With this obsessive attention to detail and perfection comes a higher quality of work. When you publish jobs they are very likely to wish to some job relationship that is long-term.

This is especially true if you are working with a web design agency or even a startup. Sometimes agencies prefer to outsource their workload to accountants meet deadlines and so as to balance their capabilities. These kinds of clients have a tendency to pursue connections that are longer, and it might behoove you to perform your best and provide.

9. A Foot in the Door

For some people who examine the waters it proves to become a way of life that is sour. It may be, it is not appropriate for them. They might need more construction, more oversight, etc..

That is just fine — Because now they have a portfolio great enough to get their foot into the doorway of a job opening in a corporate office. Does freelancing place you in contact with hundreds of company owners, but that work for these can now be applied as leverage to land occupation positions, you’ve done.

However, that’s only in the unlikely event that you choose freelancing’s luxuries aren’t for you.

10. Happiness

Your levels of pleasure will grow into a career from the transition. How can it not? Each of the points made above are testaments to the. Additional time for life, more freedom, more capacities.

Being a freelancer will have downsides. Things like self-employment taxes, health care, and also the lull in job once you begin are a few elements that need to be taken into account.

But, when you adapt those factors freelancing is really a fantasy for entrepreneurial-minded people with the ability that business owners are looking for.

What exactly are you waiting for?



‘Bridesmaids’ Celebrity switches gears in ‘Get Shorty’ films

People looking to Invest quality time have Loads of later.There’s his Character as Strike man and chances and aspiring Film producer Miles Daly at the critically acclaimed Get Shorty of Epix, which Provides O’Dowd the chance

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Summit Clothing Company Assists villages

What greater way is there to use a college diploma then?

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Health Fest Encourages Wellness in Cenla

Wednesday the Rapides Parish Health Unit Region 6 hosted on the Cenla Public Health Fest. A walk kicked off the function. Physical fitness routines, food presentations and Safety seat checks were a number of actions. Vendors were to converse with the general public.

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Digital Marketing News

Within this advertising and marketing news round-up, we are talking about Google neighborhood effects, Google’s new research app, HTTP site warnings and much more.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lawyer: Doctor dragged from United flight Programs Actions

His lawyer will represent the girl in a American Airlines incident.

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Cricket: Wight brothers unhappy with state of cricket at Cayman — Cayman27

Sports Councillor David Wight and brother Chris Wight are Dissatisfied with the state of cricket in Cayman Following the Federal team returned home winless from the ICC’s WCL Division Five Tournament…

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Space for Rent in Singapore, Room Lease — Flatshare Singapore #oscar #de #la

#singapore lease

Premium Quality Advertising

Real individuals moderate all our ads 7 days.

Hunt On The Go

Our website is fully responsive that you search on your mobile or tabletcomputer.

24/7 Customer Service

We’re there for you some time, anywhere.

Digital Marketing Experts

We invest in advertising using Facebook & Google to showcase your ad to 1000’s of roommates & Sellers.

Popular Room Rental Spots

Post Your Space

Find a Space

Boost Your Search

Upgrading to Priority Pass provides you access to this newest ads along with a Featured Ad that will get (generally) twice as numerous enquiries.

Living in Singapore

Singapore is an expensive place to live! With unaffordable and high home costs, the average age of first marriage in 20’s and stringent rules among the most popular housing options in Singapore is dwelling in flatshare or an area lease.

Flatsharing or residing in a Room for Rent at Singapore is where a couple of people reside in a property . Every individual usually has their own bedroom, either a master area (bath located within the area) or shared area (shared bath). Singapore Rooms for Rent could be discovered in various dwelling types, such as HDBs, Condos. Landed or Apartment Rooms for Rent.

Reegno has over 2000+ Rooms for Rent at Singapore along with Roommate advertisements. If you’re trying to find a room, dependent on our area index the average rent for a space in Singapore is approx. $900 per month.

Reegno lists a broad variety of rooms at home types and styles, from Condo Rooms for Rent, HDB Rooms for Rent or even space stocks in Singapore. Whether you’re young professional, a student or expat, Reegno has the room lease for you. Use our filters and rent a space in Singapore now.

It is possible to post only 1 ad. To post advertisements upgrade to priority pass.

Copyrights 2015. All rights reserved.


Selecting a Freelancer? Go from Job Post

two men and two women working on a design project together

When engaging freelancers, many people get the work submitted, get a stack of answers from curious talent, then…it all ends there. They do not produce a hire. Why?

Since if you are like most people, getting them and selecting the right talent started can seem overwhelming. Particularly when your days are packed.

However, the truth is, you still require help getting extra work or that project done. That is why the task was submitted by you in the first place? Do not worry, there is an easy method to get past the hurdle.

Follow these three steps to go to project launch quickly and smoothly.

Measure 1–Prep the job

This is definitely the measure. But if you do, you will wind up with more work. And you will keep the freelancer as you are coping with administrative flaws waiting.

That is why it’s ideal to do this step until the job is posted by you. This makes sure the freelancer can start working on your project.

Make a record of the files, to prep the undertaking and team members they should meet. Things in your job prep checklist might comprise

  • Related job samples and their outcomes (if applicable)
  • introductions to project team members

Measure 2–Inform

Invite the finalists, after reviewing your own entries. For interview questions, and replies to search for, take a look at this handy collection of sample interview questions by task type. You see advice on the best way best to recognize–and hire–the freelancer that is perfect.

Many companies use video interviews, because it is a excellent way to “fulfill” remote accountants. If you are planning to incorporate a video interview, check out these 9 tips for running video interviews like an expert.

Measure 3–Select & start

Narrow your list down to the finalists, after completing the interviews. To determine work quality, some companies like to hire all three finalists, then give each individual the exact same job. Or, they start the individual who has a job that is little, paid before moving them and choose the winner.

Easy as 1,2,3

Going from submitting a job to beginning your freelancer really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. By following these steps, you will avoid getting stuck out of overwhelm. The excellent news is, even when you complete the prep job you have done nearly all of the work that is post-hire. The freelancer can begin straight away, and you have got another job.

B2C is proud to bring you this informative article in our sponsored series:

Upwork is the world freelancing website connecting over 5 million companies having talented professionals. Our marketplace enables companies collaborate together, hire, to find and pay talent online. To find more information, check out how it works or see regarding best practices on our blog, Implementing Headquarters.



News and Society Articles Directory : News and Society

Sbs Water Systems Ltd, a Supply for Efficient Water Storage Option

SBS water tanks engineered and are all manufactures with technology and high quality materials that are premium to leave a competitively costs liquid and technically best storage container. SBS water system too…

John EdwilkDec 02, 2016

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Turner Classic Movies to honor late actor-comedian Jerry Lewis

Only a Couple of Days after Movies! TV declared its Jerry Lewis tribute, Turner Classic Movies said Thursday it will pay tribute

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Twine Health Tapped by Wellness Coaches to Employee Health Activation

Offering will be enhanced by National onsite wellness coaches . CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (PRWEB) June 06, 2017 Together with Wellness Coaches, the …

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Friday, 22 September 2017

GOPR0599 night cooking

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Missouri changes law Within juvenile lifersfight looms

Here’s a Glance at Missouri is handling cases of Offenders sentenced as juveniles to serve life

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Victim of Torquay flats blaze has Expired

A Torquay man rescued out of a refuge in St Marychurch has expired, it has been confirmed. Peter Davies was moved to a specialist burns unit at Swansea after he had been rescued by his blazing…

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Google Jobs API: The Future of Intense Job Poaching?

After having closed its alpha on its tasks API we were expecting it, Google announced its forthcoming release of Google for jobs. Where would it lead us? As per a survey performed on 33,000 LinkedIn members globally, virtually everyone (90 percent) would listen to a new job offer. Imagine that every time you visit

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Film: Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films wird verliehen

Auf dem Filmfest München wird heute der Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films – Die verliehen.

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Scott Co.. Humane Society

Jan Edelen, together with the Scott County Humane Society brings a 3 to 4-year-old chihuahua, the Liddy, to the studio to satisfy the general public!

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Field to Fork Cooking

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Not ready to play Test cricket Right Now: Dale Steyn : Cricket, News

Not ready to play Test cricket at the moment: Dale Steyn

This assertion out of Steyn has dealt a blow to the Proteas who would be hosting Bangladesh from the two-match Test series, followed by 2 T20Is and three ODIs.

| Posted by Rohan Sen

Johannesburg, September 14, 2017 | UPDATED 15:54 IST

(Reuters Photo)(Reuters Photo)


  • Steyn has been out of action since November This past Year

  • Steyn has also ruled himself from playing four-day cricket

  • Steyn has seized 417 wickets in a whopping average of 22.30

South Africa pace spearhead Dale Steyn, who’s eyeing a comeback to international cricket, has ruled himself from the Sunfoil Series’ action which begins next week, stating he’s decided “to not play right now”.

This assertion out of Steyn has dealt a blow to the Proteas who would be hosting Bangladesh from the two-match Test series, followed by 2 T20Is and three ODIs.

Steyn has been out because he obtained his right shoulder fractured during Australia’s first innings of the Test against South Africa, which the Proteas went on to win by 177 runs in the WACA Ground in Perth.

It was theorized that the pacer will be making a return to cricket by playing in the initial round of national fixtures this year.

However it is noted that he has ruled himself from playing four-day cricket.

“I’ve decided to not play at this time. I am bowling fine but I have not hit the full workload I’d want to manage four-day cricket or a Test, and so I decided it was best to not play,” Sport24 quoted Steyn as stating to a website.

The 34-year-old, who considers that playing formats of this game might be a fantastic place to start, added that he tried to be certain that he did not break down.

The Sunfoil Series action will provide before the Bangladesh series will get underway, new coach Ottis Gibson to have a look at his players.

Steyn has caught 417 wickets in a whopping average of 22.30 and in a hit rate of 41.4 balls in 85 Tests he’s played up to now.


West London flats engulfed by flames that were enormous

Currently an evacuation process is underway, according to Metropolitan authorities.

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Very Good Amount of Jobs to Occur Through Franchisee Business

‘Bridesmaids’ actor switches gears in ‘Get Shorty’ Movies

People looking to Invest quality time Together with Bridesmaids Celebrity Chris O’Dowd have Lots of chances, now and later.There’s his Character as hit man and aspiring Film producer Miles Daly at Epix Get Shorty, which gives the Opportunity to O’Dowd

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Taco Mac fails health inspection Motivated by food Sickness Criticism

A Medical inspection that took place due to a food-borne illness complaint was failed by one location of a popular metro Atlanta Series

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Trump taps Francisco for Solicitor General Article

FILE - In this June 30, 2014file , the Supreme Court building is seen in Washington. Conservatives who care about the court say they have no such worry this time around. They feel confident that whomever President Donald Trump nominates for the Supreme Court, they won’t be looking back with regret in the years to come. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

FILE – In this June 30, 2014file , the Supreme Court building is seen in Washington. Say they don’t have any such stress this time around. They feel assured that whomever President Donald Trump nominates for the Supreme Court, they will not be looking back with regret in the years ahead. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)  (Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

President Trump has nominating Principal Deputy Solicitor General Noel Francisco to select the article a source with direct knowledge of the issue has told Fox News.

Francisco was appointed deputy solicitor general in January, days after Trump’s inauguration. He’d previously worked at the Jones Day global law firm, the biggest in the U.S.

In his new job, Francisco would assert cases on behalf of their Trump administration at the Supreme Court. In his latest high-profile Supreme Court situation, Francisco represented former Virgina Gov. Bob McDonnell at a successful effort to throw out McDonnell’s corruption Legislation.

Francisco also represented the Little Sisters of the Poor religious order in their struggle against the contraception mandate of ObamaCare.

A former clerk for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, Francisco worked as a White House lawyer during the George W. Bush administration before working at the Justice Department’s office of legal counsel.  

Fox News’ Serafin Gomez contributed to the report.



London Fire – Interior Grenfell Tower

Last year FLATS at the fire-devastated Grenfell Tower were being rented out for thousands of pounds a month after a multi-million pound renovation.

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India vs England, 3rd ODI: Live Cricket Scores : Cricket, News

Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of the second and final ODI between India and England . Catch the latest live scores and upgrades here.

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 22, 2017

Last week India played an ODI at the Eden Gardens, Rohit Sharma slammed a monstrous vs Sri Lanka that was 264. It’s been over two decades now and things have now changed. England will take a bit of relief that Rohit isn’t playing at his happy hunting ground however, the return to kind of Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni will no longer be a threat.

England have played three ODIs and have tasted defeat.

If from the very first tie, then it was Kohli’s turn to lead from the front in a 351-run chase combined with Jadhav Growing up; the next offing was all about deja vu as seasoned campaigners Yuvraj (150) and Dhoni (134) jogged back period with a sublime 256-run stand for the fourth wicket.

The duo, significant cogs in India’s 2011 World Cup wheel, then dragged India out of a pit with classic batting screens following joining hands.

The bone of contention is that the opening slot where the two Shikhar Dhawan and K.L. Rahul have neglected to have runs. ()

While Dhawan includes a finger harm that might keep him out of the ODI, Rahul would need to his showing if he would like to keep his place.

Ajinkya Rahane might get a chance to stake a claim in both side. Besides the harm issue of Dhawan, the southpaw, in all fairness, was enduring a lean patch in the last two ODIs with scores of 11 and 1.

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 21, 2017

It hasn’t been all downhill with their batsmen showing enough resolve to spend the struggle. Besides Morgan Jason Roy, all-rounder Ben Stokes and the Joe Root have performed.

The pitch at the Eden is expected to be a one bereft of any bud. With the arena being much bigger compared to Pune and Cuttack, the rivalry could be tougher and with Kohli saying after the previous match that there wouldn’t be any drop in intensity, it might be a hotly contested tie despite there being little to play for in regard to the collection.


Actor John Travolta to Picture a Film in Hueytown – Hawaii News Today – KGMB and KHNL

Word is spreading fast across Hueytown. John Travolta will probably be starring in a movie Which Will be filmed there.      

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Rebound at LI Building jobs — Long Island Business News

Nassau and Suffolk gained roughly 1,600 construction projects for a two percent growth.

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Digital Marketing News: Marketing Personalization, Google Website Builder along with Bing Ads

Four Approaches to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization [Infographic]
Personalization is a priority for marketers. This infographic shares statistics and 4 measures to produce and provide personalized and valuable information.   MarketingProfs

Google Releases A Website Builder for Small Firms
A new tool known as “Website”, is a single-page site builder that’s completely free and allows small business owners to create and edit sites in seconds, either on mobile or desktop. This feature is an extension of Google My Business, which means that you need to get a complete GMB listing to use the tool. Search Engine Journal

The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques
This is an updated analysis conducted to understand how consumers respond to internet advertisements. Participants were revealed different kinds of advertisements and rated how much they liked or disliked them. The results show the most (and least) “hated” online advertisements for both desktop and mobile platforms, and some of the attributes remained the same as the early 2000’s. Nielsen Norman Group

Data-Inspired Guides to B2B Sales & Marketing Lead Generation
Targeting the right leads in the perfect time is just one of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers, and this report shows you insights on generations quality information can maximize the sales cycle that is modern to shorten. Dun & Bradstreet

Bing Ads: Opt From Displaying Advertisements on Desktop
Advertisers may opt from desktop by putting their bids to -100 17, displayed ads. It is a brand new feature that’s aimed to encourage mobile-only campaigns and allows advertisers to place bids for laptops. It’ll Be accessible to all advertisers within the Upcoming few weeks, and can be backed by Bing Advertising Internet Interface, Bing Ads Editor for both Mac and Windows and Bing Ads API. Search Engine Journal

Snapchat Opens Self-Serve Ad Platform, Offers New Ad Creation Tools and Options
Advertisers purchase and are now able to create their very own Snapchat ads using a dashboard. You may also use Snapchat audiences, which includes lookalikes, Audience Match choices and Snap groups which use location-tracking and data to reach audiences using relevant messaging. Lastly, the Seed program enables advertisers to make Snap ads with templates, which will be accessible in the near future. Social Media Today

Twitter is Testing a Means to Let Users Know What Is ‘Happening Now’
Twitter module near the top of a consumer’s timeline display events that are happening, such as sports. It is possible to click on a card to find a timeline of tweets related to those events. This feature is still in experimentation stage, but can be launched soon. AdWeek

Presenting the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017
These insights will look after the end of each quarter which uses LinkedIn information to examine that which content LinkedIn members are currently engaging with on the platform. Categories are top topics, top articles growth subjects and involvement and advertisements topics and posts. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

Which were your top digital marketing and advertising news stories this past week?

We will be back next week with top digital marketing and advertising news! Want news? Follow @toprank  onto Twitter!

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5 latest hospital, Healthcare executive resignations

The Hospital Review of Becker reported to the brand new hospital and health program executive resignations. They’re listed below, starting with the latest.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Roster of legal writing College expands

Former Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore County Tiffany Jeffers has joined Penn State’s Dickinson Law’s faculty as assistant professor of writing. Jeffers will teach Problem Solving II: Problem Solving III and The Lawyer as Writer: The Lawyer as Persuader. Both courses are part of Dickinson Law’s advanced Essential curriculum, which give the basis for the upper-level “The Lawyer As…” electives, organized around the substantive ways lawyers use their training

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First 15 get keys to flats

August 13, 2017 5:00 AM

60, Madam Rohani Ahmad, will soon receive a taste of kampung-like living when she moves in Kampung Admiralty.

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ICC hires security company in bid to resume cricket Cricket


  • The safety company is expected to see the nation either during first week of September or week of August

  • Security staff would Attempt to Discover whether Pakistan would Can supply the teams with the Essential security arrangements or maybe not

  • The security team would also see Pakistan with they being paid USD 400,000 on each trip by all the ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has employed a security company to get a three-year period in their bid to resume the worldwide cricket in Pakistan.

Confirming the news, newly-appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi revealed that creation of the worldwide security business is the initial step towards the resumption of cricket in the country.

He explained that the security organization is expected to pay a visit to with the nation either through the week of August or the first week of September.

“It’s a measure by the ICC for the revival of worldwide cricket in Pakistan. The business is based in several states – the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates – plus has a fantastic repute,” the Dawn quoted Najam, as a saying.

“A representative of the Federation of International Cricketers (FICA) would accompany the security company to personally monitor the security scenario in Lahore,” he further added.

The 69-year-old further elaborated that it might be a four-day trip, in which, the security team would try to discover not or whether Pakistan would manage to supply the teams with the essential security arrangements.

“It will be a four-day trip where the security business will work together with the government of Punjab for assurances that all the recommendations filed by security experts of the various countries who visited Lahore to see the closing of the next Pakistan Super League (PSL) year have been integrated from the government in its SOPs, or perhaps,” he explained.

The security team and Pakistan would also see with all the ICC paying USD 400,000 on each trip to them, ” said Sethi.

Meanwhile, the PCB chairman confirmed that the recommendations suggested by foreign security experts when they seen Lahore for the PSL closing was integrated in the Punjab government’s SOPs.

A Sri Lankan delegation also flew to Lahore through the PSL closing and Sethi considers that the former’s positive report about the security agreements had plagued Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) to agree upon a brief visit to Lahore through their forthcoming series against Pakistan.

Lanka are expected to play with a max of two T20Is in Lahore in September.


Social Media Marketing News February 2017 Recap

Follow my blog posts, if you’d love to stay up-to-date with SM upgrades! Check out my Social Media Marketing information February 2017 recap.

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Q&A: Is Job Misery Assessing Your Business?

Proposed by John Wiley and Sons.Job misery kills morale and productivity within firms, and pushes up the cost of recruiting, hiring, and retraining new employees, all of which requires a huge toll on the bottom line. In it is critical that restaurant managers realize that job misery at work is expensive, unnecessary, and even treatable.

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Prestigious medical Classes denounce Healthcare vote

‘Bridesmaids’ actor switches gears in ‘Get Shorty’ films

LOS ANGELES (AP) – People seeking to invest quality time together with Chris O’Dowd, that made a splash since the endearingly individual cop at “Bridesmaids,” have loads of chances today and after. There’s his function as struck man and aspiring film producer Miles Daly at Epix’s critically acclaimed “Get Shorty,” (10 p.m. EDT Sunday), that gives O’Dowd the opportunity to be signature amusing as well as tough. It is already renewed for season two. He is shooting the film “Juliet, ” Naked” with Rose Byrne along with Ethan Hawke for producer Judd Apatow. O’Dowd’s upcoming films include indies “Love After Love” and “Loving Vincent”; J.J. Abrams’ following chapter at the “Cloverfield” franchise; along with Aaron Sorkin’s “Molly’s Sport.

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Purchase Top Quality And Affordable Old Tech

If you do have a couple problems with your current PC, and you would like to invest money into a new one, you can find refurbished computers that are currently for sale that will provide you with more speed and memory. The reason that you will focus on refurbished computers is that these are going to be much more cost-effective. You should be able to save quite a bit when you purchase one. Read full article and you can find these refurbished PCs for discount prices on the web that can replace the one that you have.

How To Locate Refurbished PCs Online

You can find these refurbished PCs very quickly by searching on the Internet for refurbished personal computers. You will then look at the companies that are selling them, compare the prices that they are selling them for, and you will have the ability to save a lot of money. Always buy refurbished computers from gigarefurb, they are selling the same exact type of computers at an affordable rate, you can compare the prices that they are offered at. You can also look at the cost of shipping, and you may also save so much money you might want to consider upgrading.

How Long Will It Take To Arrive At Your Home?

You will be able to get these very quickly if you are purchasing them from a local company. You may even be able to drive down to their location. If these are coming from out of your city, it could take a couple of days to arrive at your house. You can also have them sent to your office of this is for your business. Saving money on refurbished PCs is actually easy to do when you are using the Internet to help you find these companies. You will soon have the exact personal computer that you need to replace an older one that’s not functioning quite as well. Best of all, these are going to be for very affordable prices.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Theatre Review: High Society

Theatre Review: High Society

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Trump adds Attorney John Dowd into Russia team

President Donald Trump has hired renowned DC-based attorney John Dowd as a part of the team, a source familiar with the hiring informs CNN.

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India vs England Live Cricket Scores : Cricket, News

Hello and welcome to our Live blog between England and India at Pune. Stay tuned as we bring you all the most recent updates. ( | )

India (356/7) beat England (350/7) by 3 wickets, choose 1-0 series lead. Kohli 122, Jadhav 120, Pandya 40*, Ball 3/67 

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

Imagine a run chase out of India! They have climbed a target to go up 1-0 at the ODI series. Also the superlative partnership involving Kohli and Jadhav brought back to the path although they stuttered early on in the pursuit. Matters got discriminated towards the end when both these batsmen got outside, however their nerves were held by India’s lower order batsmen and hauled the home group. Hardik Pandya towards the end showed Ashwin and great maturity sealed the deal using a biggie.

That’ll do! Ashwin says I sends the ball down the ground over long to get a maximum and want to processor one. A glory end to an chase. INDIA WIN BY 3 WICKETS! He’d be pleased about the fact that he hasn’t been let by his side down and Kohli is all smiles and have taken India over the line. Customary handshakes all around.

21.33 IST: Moeen to Ashwin, SIX!! That’s it, India have pulled off a magnificent run pursuit thanks to Kohli (122) and Jadhav (120).

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

21.29 IST: Virat Kohli played an unbelievable shot tonight at the middle of a restless run pursuit in Pune.

21.15 IST: Ball to Jadeja, OUT!! Big blow for those hosts as Jadeja falls against the run of play with India 318/7 vs England (350/7), need 33 from 35 balls.

WICKET! Ball gets his 3rd! Jadeja gone for 13 & we are right back into this – !

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

21.01 IST: India reach 300/6 at 41.1 overs, need 51 runs more to win from 53 balls. Pandya 12*, Jadeja 5*

20.51 IST: Ball to Jadhav, OUT!! A body blow in the pursuit for India! Jadhav was struggling with cramps and now has got out. Ball digs at a short ball on off and middle, Jadhav swivels using all the pull shot and strikes it over square leg. But there is not enough space behind the shooter and Stokes catches the catch at deep square leg. After playing an knock the local lad falls back. India 291/6 vs England (350/7), need 60 to win against 61 balls.

WICKET! Jake Ball delivery accounts for Jadhav, caught Stokes from the deep

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

20.46 IST: Stokes to Jadhav, FOUR!!

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

20.42 IST: Ball to Jadhav, SIX!! Cramps without any cramps, nothing is going to prevent Jadhav tonight. India 277/5, need 74 runs from 72 balls.

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

20.41 IST: Kedar Jadhav is struggling with cramps and is not able to operate now. But he is still hanging in there rather than going off the area with India still needing 80 runs from 73 balls.

20.32 IST: Stokes to Kohli, OUT!! Got him! Yes, England have got the huge fish here and that too at the perfect moment! As he pieces it rear of a length ball outside off, Kohli is early into the shooter. Rashid from mid off comes in however David Willey comes around to his right away from covers and pouches it. Virat Kohli walks back but not before setting it up. Ind 263/5, need 88 runs from 82 balls

20.29 IST: Kedar Jadhav scores second hundred as India reach 261/4 vs England (350/7), needing 90 more runs to gain from 85 chunks

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

Well batted Kedar Jadhav – 2nd ODI century by 65 balls. India are 261-4 pursuing 351 #INDvENG

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

20.26 IST: This is how King Kohli obtained to his 27th ODI billion.

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

20.15 IST: India 232/4 vs England (350/7), need 119 more runs out of 17 overs. Kohli 106*, Jadhav 88*

20.05 IST: Woakes to Kohli, SIX!! Straight down the ground!! Virat Kohli slams 27th hundred as India reach 229/4 vs Eng (351), needing 122 more runs to win. Kohli equals Sachin Tendulkar’s album with 17th ton at a run pursuit

Well batted @imVkohli – 27th ODI century out of 93 balls. India have been 229-4 – pursuing 351 #INDvENG

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

19.55 IST:  India 205/4 at 29.4 overs, need 146 runs from 182 balls. Kohli 94*, Jadhav 73*

19.44 IST: Moeen to Jadhav, FOUR! India 181/4, desire 170 runs from 23 ovs. Kohli 77*

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

19.37 IST: Moeen to Jadhav, FOUR!! India 165/4 at 25 overs, need 180 runs in 25 overs. Jadhav 60 *, Kohli 67 *

19.28 IST:Kedar Jadhav gets to his fifty in just 29 balls. The local lad receives a round of applause. Full floated ball on off, Kedar plays it with soft hands to square leg to get an extended run. Handy knock but support his skipper and he wants to continue. India 148/4 at 22.1 ovs, desire 203 runs. That is Jadhav’s first half-century at ODI cricket, he’s got a rating of 105* which he played Zimbabwe at Harare at 2015.

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

19.20 IST: India 132/4 at 20 ovs vs England (350/7), need 219 more. Kohli 55*, Jadhav 39*. Stick: 69 (49)

19.11 IST: Virat Kohli gets to his 39th ODI half-century. Drags his length short and lands it in your middle, Kohli goes deep inside the crease and brings it to deep mid-wicket to get a couple of runs. His fifty is reached by huge cheer from the audience as the Indian skipper! India should bat. India 112/4 at 17.2 ovs, need 239 runs more to triumph.

19.04 IST: Rashid to Jadhav, FOUR!! 100 includes India thanks to a smashing four out of Jadhav. Ind 102/4 at 16 ovs, need 249 more runs to win.

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.54 IST: India 94/4 at 15 overs vs England (350/7), need 257 runs more to win against 35 overs. Kohli 42*, Jadhav 15*.

18.44 IST: Ball to Dhoni, OUT!! Top advantage! Another one bites the dust and the Indians are going at the chase. Ball bowls a rear of a length ball on middle, Dhoni was a measure out of the crease and seems to yank on this. The chunk cramps his and climbs on Dhoni. He however does not have any choice but must go after it. Top border squirts up beneath it towards David Willey from mid to slips and the on side. India 63/4 at 11.5 overs, 288 had from 229 chunks

WICKET! Jake Ball has MS Dhoni caught at midwicket for 6! England very much on the top here… 💊

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

18.36 IST: Stokes to Yuvraj, OUT!! Stokes strikes! Again a length delivery bowls asking Yuvi to fiddle with it. He pays the price for the exact same and does. Edges one and Buttler behind the stumps moves to his right to pouch a law catch. They allure and keep on attractive and the umpire after shooting his time increases his finger. Yuvraj falls after a promising start. Ind 56/3in 10.2 ovs

WICKET! Ben Stokes has Yuvraj Singh caught behind for 15! India are 56-3 pursuing 351… #INDvENG

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

18.32 IST: Ball to Kohli, SIX!! Risky shot from Kohli however he collects a second six runs. India 50/2 at 9.4 ovs

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.24 IST: Willey to Yuvraj, FOUR!! That made a cracking sound of the bat! Kohli admires it too. Surely will tell Yuvraj’s assurance to you. Willey goes and Yuvraj doesn’t miss out this time. Exactly like the first ball of the more one is connected by him and sends it onto the bounce towards mid-wicket to get a boundary. 10 off the over. India 42/2 in 8 overs

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.20 IST: Willey to Yuvraj, SIX!! Pulled off in style! A length ball on off and comes up in a nice height too. Yuvraj Singh stands put and residue this using a pull on. He played in the first warm-up match against England, can he do the identical tonight?

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.18 IST: Woakes to Kohli, ANOTHER FOUR!!

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.18 IST: Woakes to Kohli, FOUR!!

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.14 IST: Willey to Rahul, OUT!! Terrific shipping from Willey uproots Rahul’s middle stump. Yuvraj Singh is another guy in. India 24/2 at 5.5 overs

WICKET! Yes @david_willey! Rahul’s stumps clatter with an absolute beauty! 🙌

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

18.11 IST: Kohli boils down the pitch and whacks Willey to get a huge SIX!! Great length delivery, angling in, Kohli boils down the track, gets to the pitch and brings it with all time over mid-wicket. Terrific connection he obtained the desired result and made. This gets the audience going. Ind 21/1 at 5.1 ovs

18.09 IST:Pressure building on India as they reach 14/1 in 5 overs vs England (350/7). Rahul 8*, Kohli 1*

18.04 IST:Willey to Dhawan, OUT! Dhawan pieces the ball directly to Moeen at third man, that latches on to the catch on his next attempt. India 13/1 in 4 overs. The new skipper, Virat Kohli arrives in number 3. Big hopes have been pinned on his shoulders in this huge chase. Can he send?

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

18.01 IST: Willey to Dhawan, comes down the pitch and plays an uppish drive within the gully fielder and takes a single to remove the mark.

17.55 IST: David Willey concedes 7 runs out of his first over. India 9/0 in 2 overs. Rahul 5*, Dhawan 0*

17.51 IST: Willey to Rahul, FOUR!! Rahul gets off the mark in style.

â$” BCCI (@BCCI) January 15, 2017

17.50 IST: Great start from Chris Woakes, provides away only 2 runs. India 2/0 in 1 more

17.45 IST: India all set to get a mammoth run pursuit. Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul have come outside to start the innings. Rahul will take strike.

England 350/7 at 50 overs vs India. Root 78, Roy 73, Stokes 62, Pandya 2/46, Bumrah 2/79. That is England’s highest score against India

17.04 IST: Bumrah to D Willey, A bye to end the innings! 12 off the over, 105 from 8 that is last, informs Nasser Hussain phew, on atmosphere! A full toss that was low angled across, Willey misses to put bat on ball and they also seem to steal a bye. Dhoni underarms it towards the striker’s end but dominates the shy. ENGLAND FINISH ON 350/7!

England at the last…last 5 ov: 65/2last 8 ov: 105/2last 10 ov: 115/3#IndvEng

â$” Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) January 15, 2017

Root Roy & Stokes flame England to 350-7 – our highest-ever ODI full in India! #INDvENG

Â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

Powerful batting series by England! They have notched up their highest ODI complete against India and it is a monumental task facing the home team. The English batting initiated superbly into violin and Jason Roy, in particular, looked in fine touch. His innings was cut short as India attempted to claw their way again.

Joe Root stroked a fluent 78 and took the command of their innings on his hands. He was included in useful partnerships with Roy, Morgan, Buttler and Stokes.  

17.01 IST: England 339/7 at 49.1 overs. That is England’s highest score against India.

16.58 IST: Umesh uproots Moeen’s off-stump using a fantastic yorker. Eng 336/7 at 48.4 ovs, Woakes 6*

WICKET Moeen Ali strikes 28 off 17. ENG 336-7 (48.4) #INDvENG

â$” England Cricket (@englandcricket) January 15, 2017

16.50 IST:Bumrah to Stokes, WICKET!! Bumrah eliminates Stokes to get 62. England 317/6 at 47.1 overs vs India. Moeen 19*, Bumrah 2/59

WICKET Stokes’ innings comes to an end – ct by Yadav. ENG 317-6 (47.1) #INDvENG

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16.49 IST: Umesh Yadav concedes 20 runs at the 47th over as England reach 317/5. Stokes Moeen 19 *, 62 *

16.42 IST: Ben Stokes brings up his seventh ODI half-century using a off off Bumrah. Eng 296/5 at 45.4 ovs

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16.37 IST: Stokes (42*) and Moeen (9*) have invented 30 runs at the last two overs. England 285/5 at 45 ovs

16.22 IST: Bumrah to Root, OUT!! Bumrah deceives Root (78 off 95 balls) using a slower delivery as he holes out in long-on. Eng 244/5 at 41.4 overs

WICKET Root is caught in the deep by Pandya off moves Bumrah & for 78. ENG 244-5 (41.4) #INDvENG

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16.07 IST: Pandya to Buttler, OUT! England are four wickets down now as Buttler departs for 31. Eng 220/4 at 37.5 overs

WICKET Jos Buttler proceeds for 31 – caught by Dhawan at mid-off off the bowling of Pandya. ENG 220-4 (37.5) #INDvENG

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16.01 IST: Jadeja (1/50) finishes his quota of 10 overs. Eng 211/3 at 36 overs. Root 66*, Buttler 24*

15.53 IST: Meanwhile, as players choose a drinks break you proceed and check out India captain Virat Kohli’s latest interview on

15.47 IST: Pandya to Root, takes a single and brings up his 18th ODI fifty in 72 balls. Eng 188/3 at 32.3 overs vs India

Roooooooooot! 5ï¸�âƒ#0ï up! 💊

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15.44 IST: Jadeja to Buttler, SIX! Buttler destroys a good over from Jadeja by beating the previous chunk over long-off. Eng 184/3 at 32 overs

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15.31 IST: Attendance in the Pune stadium today is 37,500.

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15.25 IST: Jos Buttler is the new man in

15.25 IST: Pandya to Morgan, OUT!! Excellent evaluation from India as Pandya eliminates Morgan to get 28, caught behind to Dhoni. Eng 157/3in 27 overs

WICKET Morgan feathers one off Pandya to Dhoni & is granted out following inspection for 28. ENG 157-3 (27) #INDvENG

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15.24 IST: Pandya to Morgan, huge appeal for caught behind but umpire says not out. India have a review

15.13 IST:Pandya to Morgan, FOUR!! Easy pickings! Short of a length chunk a touch shuffles and brings it fine down the leg side for a boundary. Eng 150/2 at 25 overs

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15.01 IST: SIX! Morgan strikes Ashwin out of the playground for its very first maximum of the game. ENG 126/2 at 22 overs

14.49 IST: OUT! Stumped! It collects cleanly, Roy boils down the track to get to the pitch although the ball sneaks through pad and his bat and Jadeja bowls it faster through the atmosphere off whips off the bails. A breakthrough for the Indians as Roy was appearing threatening out there. ENG 108/2 at 18.3 overs. Eoin Morgan walks at the next!

14.41 IST: India have to be watchful here. This England side can bat well and bat profound. ENG 99/1 at 17 overs

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14.26 IST: FOUR! Innovative! Complete ball on off, Root premeditates his shooter at this time and reverse paddles it over the keeper to get a boundary. ENG 82/1 at 13 overs

14.24 IST: FOUR! Alright shot! Bumrah provides width and functions it outside off, Roy goes on his foot and spanks it. ENG 77/1 at 12 overs

14.20 IST: Time for twist like Ravindra Jadeja is asked to roll his arm. There is A slip in place because of him. ENG 72/1 at 11 overs

14.19 IST:FOUR! Jason Roy strikes 50 off 36 balls. That’s put! Short of a length ball on off, Roy rides on the bounce and nails his pull shot. Races to his fifty and lifts his bat. Top knock far! Sixth ODI fifty for Roy. ENG 67/1 at 9.5 overs

14.17 IST: FOUR! What a shooter! Roy is in his zone. A ball on middle from Bumrah, Roy just introduces a bat and caresses it down the ground for a boundary. Didn’t try to strike it hard timed it.

14.15 IST: FOUR! Roy is batting superbly here. The lineup of Umesh has been directly and Jason has punished him each moment. Roy shuts the surface of the bat to ease it through backward square leg to get a boundary and extends back. ENG 57/1 at 9 overs

14.14 IST: FOUR! Short shipping, too directly based on Umesh, Roy reaches top of the bounce and brings it fine down the leg side for a boundary.

14.04 IST: FOUR! Fantastic shot! Umesh Yadav is again directly in his lineup, on leg and middle, Roy flicks it through mid-wicket to get a boundary. ENG 44/1 in seven overs

14.02 IST: OUT!  Alex Hales is run out! All thanks to the brilliance. Total length delivery about off, Roy tucks it off his pads to deep backward square leg and tries to get the second run. Bumrah from the profound latches onto the ball and sends in a bullet toss in the non-striker’s endresult. As Hales attempts to drag his bat inside the 14, it finds the stumps. The umpire along with the Indians appeal refers it upstairs. The replays show that Hales is inches short of the crease. Initial wicket for the home audience along with India is totally ecstatic. ENG 39/1 at 6.2 overs. Root comes out to bat next.

13.59 IST: FOUR! Pristine timing! Span ball that is great angling into the batsman, Roy shuts the surface of the bat at the perfect time and days his flick shot . Finds the difference via mid-wicket without a stopping it.

13.57 IST: FOUR! Wrong line and punished! Span chunk that is excellent angling down the leg side, Hales gets across a little and nudges it fine down the leg side for a boundary. ENG 34/0 in 6 overs

13.43 IST: Jason Roy is adjudged lbw. He’s reviewing it. NOT OUT! Missing legagain. Yadav sticks around leg and middle, melts and to a straighter line, keep it full, Roy fails to flick it to the leg side and is hit on the pads. They allure along with the umpire raises his finger. Ha