Monday, 11 March 2019

Cook This: Cooking the perfect scallop

U14 is the size of the scallops, meaning 14 scallops per pound. Note: 1 1/4 pounds will yield about 21 scallops.Ingredients:1 1/4 pounds day boat scallops (U14) – muscle removedkosher salt / fresh finely ground black pepper1 1/2 tablespoons canola oil3 tablespoons unsalted butter — room temperature1 tablespoon chopped Italian parsleyDirections:Dry the scallops well with heavy duty paper towels. Lightly season with salt and pepper.Heat a 10-inch frying pan over medium heat for 30


Friday, 8 March 2019

How I Learned to Cook – Part 1 | Single & Cooking | Single & Cooking

The incomparable Julia ChildMy earliest food memories are of watching the incomparable Julia Child on NH public television and helping my mother in the kitchen. While I can’t remember a single recipe, aside from fluffy scrambled eggs, from watching Julia, I do remember that she was fearless in the kitchen; nothing seemed to fluster her. She would laugh at her mistakes, compensate if she couldn’t find an ingredient, and made it all seem so fluid. I even convinced my mother to send away for some recipes – I wish I still had those laying around.

My mother, like most mothers, did an excellent job of feeding the family on a daily basis. But what really stands out for me is helping my mother prepare for a dinner party. She pulled out all the stops when we had guests over: Coquilles-St. Jacques,  Beef Bourguignon, Chateaubriand, asparagus, cocktails… the whole 9 yards.

One dinner party, Crazy Ootie (my mother) was making some sort of dessert that she had never made before. I can’t remember the specifics, but it was some sort of custard with blueberries. She was using the blender, and in her concentration she forgot to put the top on before hitting ‘start’. Suddenly custard & blueberries were EVERYWHERE in the kitchen. I was totally in shock, waiting for some sort of immediate outburst. After all, she just made a mess of the entire kitchen, hours before her party. Instead, her reaction was to laugh. I mean, it was hysterically funny. I have yet to see a similar blender mishap.

But, between Julia and my mother, I was able to learn two of the most important culinary lessons very early in life: don’t be afraid and have fun.



Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Cooking up a Storm: Finding James Cook

Invisible Dust encourages awareness of, and meaningful responses to,
climate change, air pollution and related health and environmental
issues through collaborative projects between renowned artists and


Sunday, 3 March 2019

Team Cooking – Cook up A Storm – Cooking Team Building Activity

Cook Up A Storm

The Tastiest of all our Events, Cooking Together is More Fun than You Can Imagine … and Then You Get to EAT!

What is it:

This event is tasty, enjoyable and a great opportunity to stretch and learn some new skills. Plus the ultimate pay off of a wonderful gourmet meal that is always way, WAY beyond the team’s expectations….  (see this video, which was filmed and edited by an amateur, but I hope it gives you an idea)

Will suit you if:

Brilliant for a conference team building activity where you would have to pay for the team dinner (bonding and team dinner in one package).  Lots of clients choose this if they have 2 day conferences with packed agendas.

Suits diverse teams as there is no physical effort involved beyond standing and eating <br><br> source <a href=

Saturday, 2 March 2019

COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook!1.33.1 Apk Mod

COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook v1.33.1 Apk  Mod Coins/Unlocked is a Educational Android game

Download last version COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook! Apk Mod For Android with direct link

★ 35 million smartphone players worldwide!

Make recipes with ease in the world’s favorite cooking game, Cooking Mama!
Chop, bake and boil food by using only your finger and create delicious dishes in no time!
Intuitive controls make cooking easy on smartphones!

【New feature: Mini Cooking!】
▼Happy Foods for Mini Cooking! You can find lots of Happy Foods so play away and get cooking!

【New feature: Happy Restaurant!】
▼Make recipes and open a restaurant! Serve delicious dishes!

【Mother’s Day Event】
▼2017/04/27 – 2017/05/14(PST)

【Free mini-game campaign in progress!】
▼Get the latest update and log in during the campaign to receive free mini-games!

1. 2017/04/27 – 2017/05/03(PST)
2. 2017/05/04 – 2017/05/10(PST)
3. 2017/05/11 – 2017/05/17(PST)
4. 2017/05/18 – 2017/05/24(PST)

★Trial Cooking!
Earn coins in the game and you can try out new recipes!
More than 30 recipes are available!

★Packed with more than just cooking!
1. Game Plaza
Play free games such as Help Out and Exercise your brain!
Log in during an event campaign and receive free mini games!
Check the event information for details!

2. Challenge Ranking
Compete in weekly challenge games for the best scores!
Complete against players around the world in fun challenge games!
A good chance to earn coins!

★Mama’s Request
Remember to update to the latest version in order to enjoy the newest service.

★Game Information
Guaranteed to make you feel hungry when preparing delicious looking recipes!
Intuitive controls make cooking fun for children and adults.
Even if make a mistake you can’t fail, making it great to play with youngsters.
Play with children to inspire them to learn about cooking.

【Recommended Setup】
AndroidOS 4.0.3 or later.
*Game may not be playable on certain devices even if the above conditions are met.

【Supported Languages】
English / Português brasileiro / Spanish-mexico

French / German / Italian / Spanish / Czech / Dutch / Portuguese / Polish / Russian

Japanese / Korean / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Filipino / Indonesian / Malay / Thai / Turkish / Vietnamese

COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook! Apk Mod

COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook! Apk Mod

New feature: Cooking video!

New feature: Mama’s Movie Theater!

Made balance adjustments.

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