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Writer: Cult Actress Jacqueline Lovell on Making Mad Movies


Actress Jacqueline Lovell discusses her job from anger, dread and adult cinema

LA born actress Jacqueline Lovell made a substantial splash from the living areas of lonely lads and sensual girls for her job at direct-to-video ’90’s softcore movies like Exotic House of Wax and Femalien as well as key works in the repertoire of erotica overloard Zalman King. However, more eccentric movie fans will forever treasure her to her appearance in a series of horror movies, chiefly 1996’s underrated and outrageous Southern Madness trash noir Head of the Family.

At Head, Lovell owns the screen, no mean accomplishment when shes charged to discuss space with a wicked Aztec psychic patriarch whose mind is the magnitude of, really major beach ball. Her Loretta is a trailer-park princess, sexed-up into oblivion and just searching for way from her dead end existence and her marriage to a loutish husband. She believes she sees it in the arms of another guy, but soon his super-shagging direct them in the deranged universe of the Stackpoole family, the “mind” of which can be exactly that…a head!

In Head of the Family— as well as the following Charlie Band humor horror movie, 1997’s Hideous! — Lovell not merely showed her beautiful physical kind but revealed her brilliant humor time, a side of her we’d love to see more of on screen.

As Only arrived on Blu-ray, we had the chance to catch up with all the free spirit actress who busies herself these days behaving and functioning as a Forest Bath Remedy guide. She’s amazing.

Here is Lady Lovell… You’re prolific from the ’90s making adult movies under the title Sara St.James. What was the adult entertainment sector like at that stage? Do you regret any of it?

Jacqueline Lovell: that I have no regrets about life. I enjoyed my time at the adult entertainment industry.   My father died when I was 16 years old and my mother ran off to Canada to get married and reside there.   My sister was pregnant at 15 and ran off with her boyfriend into Oregon.   I was left in Los Angeles and the adult movie industry took me becoming my new family.   I played by my principles.   I never had sexual intercourse with anybody on cam. I did soft-core pornography for three decades, which can be more of a teasing sister rather than hard-core pornography.   I’m a tease by nature, it is my personality. Getting paid for this was a huge perk. I spent the normal ‘college years’ from the adult movie industry and by now that I ‘graduated’ I was pursuing mainstream acting courses and bigger budget movies.

CS: The softcore movies initiated by Zalman King ignited a boom at those sensual direct-to-video movies you had been creating. You also starred in King’s Red Shoe Diaries series…

Lovell: I recall my agent called me up saying that I will do a featured background job on a Red Shoe Diaries incident in April of 1995.   I had been in soft-core pornography for about a year as Sara St. James and desired a mainstream acting title to use for SAG union gigs. I knew of Zalman from the film 9 1/2 Weeks with Kim Basinger.   I came to place and was told that it was a bordello scene and a couple of nude girls were lounging about, sensually touching each other.   Following the first shoot, I proposed that the woman I was fooling around with pour candle wax on my breasts.   The AD attracted this proposal into Zalman and he explained we can shoot the scene again that manner.   It made me noticed and that I was asked to go back to audition for a featured part in another episode of Red Shoe Diaries the next year.     When I arrived to audition for ‘Caged Bird’ I was ready after having taken JoAnne Barron/DW Browns Acting courses for the past year.   Zalman loved the way I browse for the part within my southern accent and I was requested to stay after and have a cold read to the direct role of Dakota.   I nailed it became one of Zalman’s favorite actresses whom he utilized in a number of projects for the upcoming few decades.   It was on the movie A Place Called Truth that I met my husband that conducted Zalman’s production office in the time.


CS: You’re a sin in Head of the Family.   Who did you model Loretta after?

Lovell: When I ready for the role of Loretta, I was watching the movie Nadine with Kim Basinger.   That was how I discovered my southern accent, but that I did not model Loretta after anybody specific.   I created her from a mixture of humor I grew up watching Lucille Ball, Carol Burnet and Tracey Ullman.

CS: Can you empathize with Loretta at all? Is there some good in her? On that note…is there some good in ANYONE in Head?

Lovell: Yes there’s great in Loretta.   I think there’s good/evil in everybody and it is about finding the balance.   I empathize with Loretta since a great deal of women suffer from abusive relationships and find themselves being commanded and wonder the way to escape the pattern.   I think Loretta was doing the best she can under her circumstances.   Loretta gets trapped in fantasy and I think that may be healthy.   Nobody is perfect; we make mistakes and learn by them.

CS: What was the fan response like to Head? Do you still get people reaching out gushing on your job?

Lovell: After Head of the Family was published the fan response was amazing.   I was really amazed when Charlie (Band) did not go forward with the sequel.   I still have people to this day contact me about how much they enjoy this film.


CS: Hideous! Is nearly as deranged as Head and your character is nearly as out there as Loretta. What are your memories of that weirdo movie?

Lovell: it was cold in the Romanian winter we spent shooting there.   I spent lots of time in front of heaters because I was scantily clad.   My nipples hurt by the close of the shoot because they taped the vest to me each morning and the warmth and then cold forced my nipples to tug the tape and then form abrasions.   Happily we taken the gorilla mask scene early on until my nipples were influenced by the glue tape.   Charlie was always compassionate and invited me to warm up in his trailer with his personally left espressos.

CS: As a girl in the movie industry, what type of challenges have you encountered? And how have you navigated them?

Lovell: As a woman in movie I’ve faced a great deal of criticism and damaging judgment for my three decades of effort in soft-core pornography when I was age 19 to 21.   Mainstream Hollywood could be unforgiving as well as the Internet makes sure nobody forgets.   I’ve recognized it by doing Wallpaper and Stand since my title is not utilized in credits and thus the mainstream endeavors do not care if I work in these aspects since my title will not be associated with their ‘blank’ image.   There’s so much corruption behind the scenes which it is all a ridiculous joke to me, but I do not let my previous stop me from doing what I’m supposed to do.   I feel driven, as my life calling, to operate on place.   I expect some day the stigmas attached to pornography will decrease and I’ll be given chances for bigger roles in mainstream jobs, but I am not holding my breath.     I take it day by day and love whatever blessings come my own way.


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