Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Harvard Law School — The Future of Legal Education

Here is a really interesting panel discussion at Harvard Law School focussing on the question how you can create impactful interventions from law enforcement school ciriculum around coding and the use of technolog. It addresses the question, What should law schools educate law students regarding innovation and technology? This encompasses narrower questions, like the following:  If we teach law students to compose code? How should we use technology in service of teaching subjects not substantively related to tech? How do we best equip newly minted lawyers to grapple with complex moral, legal, and business issues related to rapid technological progress? This session teases out various approaches to educating students about technology and codingand teaching strategies, more broadly, that use technology and code. The session focuses particularly on the relationships between regulation, legal analysis and debate, technology infrastructure and coverage, and also the writing and understanding of computer code.    

Der Beitrag Harvard Law School — The Future of Legal Education erschien zuerst auf Legal Tech Blog.

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