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Colonoscopy Negligence Claims Solicitors

Colonoscopy Malpractice and Negligence Claims

A colonoscopy is a procedure used to investigate a patient’s bowel. Often this procedure is utilized to discover or prevent bowel cancer.

The procedure will be done by a physician using thin tube with a camera. The tube might have a trap. The investigation’s goal is to locate growths called polyps from the lower portion of the gut which can become cancerous. The polyps are removed then sent to the department for inspection, as soon as they are found.

The procedure is usually very safe but sometimes the patient’s bowel can inadvertently be perforated during the procedure. This can occasionally come about due to a colonoscopy being done inappropriately, rupturing the walls of the bowel and such as a medical practitioner trying to induce the colonoscope through a tight stricture in the bowel. This equates to a lack of level.


This kind of injury is recognised in the time of this procedure and a fix can be undertaken immediately. On other cases the harm may be not recognised in the time that it occurs and the patient can be discharged.

The bowel may leak over days and the hours and this can lead to the patient developing a severe illness such as peritonitis or sepsis. Signs of a bowel can include:

  • Surgical emphysema (from escaped bowel gas)
  • A swollen throat (from escaped bowel gas)
  • A collapsed lung (from escaped bowel gas)
  • Stomach/chest Infection
  • Confusion
  • Abnormal vital signs

A perforation of the colon, which is a recognized risk of this procedure is frequently not believed by many experts to be jobless. The failure to both recognise and act on symptoms and the signs of a perforation may be held to be jobless.


In recognising that the patient had suffered a perforated colon in 1 instance, in which our lawyers behaved, a patient was awarded a significant reimbursement for the negligent delay of 4 days. Peritonitis which led was induced by the delay.

Our highly skilled group of expert clinical negligence attorneys are here to assist and to advise. You will be advised by them concerning the merits of your claim, funding and ensure that your loved ones and you get the best results.

Most our cases are funded by means of a conditional fee arrangement commonly known as a no win no fee agreement. This implies there is no financial risk to you.

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My attorney gave great guidance and was easy to talk to and understanding, very supportive, incredibly knowledgable and proficient. I had been kept fully informed from start to finish.

I cannot thank you enough and feel blessed to have had experience and your kind service which kept me moving. To have your self for you both , and Priya through the court sessions was made tolerable.


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