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Unlawful Detention Solicitors in London


Unlawful Detention —  In case you have been detained unlawfully, We could make a claim on your behalf against law enforcement, immigration officials or other State bodies responsible for detaining you.

Why Choose Fadiga & Co?

  • Our focus is on supply of up-to-date, dependable and to-the-point information in all things
  • The ardent and dedicated attorneys at Fadiga & Co are highly capable, experienced and capable of winning all sorts of cases particularly criminal detention
  • Assessing human rights of citizens with no prejudice or partiality is the main issue
  • We can help with your own claim for compensation or other alternatives like searching for an apology or even asking for changes from policy/procedures
  • We will comprehensively advise you in case you meet the requirements for criminal detention claim
  • We could also advise you when you are able to receive funding or charge arrangement from the authorities under the Legal Help scheme.
Unlawful Detention:
  • As the name implies, criminal detention refers to detention that occurs beyond the authorized boundaries
  • If you feel you’ve been unlawfully arrested, you can file a claim in the courtroom through our authorized team
  • The claim is generally made against the authorities, like the Office, the Police or other Law Enforcement jurisdictions
  • you could also create claim for false imprisonment if your rights under Article 5 ECHR are violated
  • it is possible to find financial compensation for criminal detention
  • Judicial review is just another path to be taken for challenging unlawful detentions
  • in case you don’t want financial compensation in return then you can look for procuring apologies, admitting wrongdoing, encourage change in policies with a certain authority or encourage changes in detention processes followed by law enforcement, Prison or Immigration authorities
Who could Claim for Damages:
  • Recall that in certain conditions, the legislation does not allow the authorities to detain individuals like asylum seekers whilst their asylum applications are under consideration.
  • Other instances in which someone might not be arrested include:
  • in the event the man is an unaccompanied minor
  • in the event the man is severely disable
  • The individual suffers from a contagious or infectious illness
  • in the event the man is a female who is 24+ weeks pregnant
  • The man is in need of constant medical attention
  • The man is a proven victim of trafficking or medication
  • you might have the ability to claim for financial compensation should you fall in some of the aforementioned categories and you’ve been arrested by the law enforcement
Unlawful Detention Involving law Enforcement:
  • Please be aware that law enforcement officials such as Police can’t arrest and detain one unless they have a solid, genuine reason
  • To keep somebody in custody, there is a particular method to be followed and many times it happens that citizens are detained
  • If there is not any genuine reason behind an arrest or detention, then the interval spent in detention would be categorized as criminal
What to do if you faced Unlawful Detention?
  • The only option you have is to seek advice from a distinguished, dependable and resourceful team of immigration attorneys
  • Our immigration lawyers will advise you on the merits of your claim along with the likely compensation you might receive

How we could help?

  • When a customer reaches us to submit a claim of unlawful detention, he is aided by one of our specialist solicitors who has ample experience in handling such cases
  • The laws that chose lawfulness and unlawfulness of detention are very complex especially in immigration related detention cases where as a result of a pending deportation order it could be challenging to assess the unlawfulness of the detention
  • Our specialist Public Law solicitors have considerable experience in all part of criminal detention and related matters.
  • We can help you with your claims for compensation no matter how high-profile the organization concerned is contentious the nature of problems involved
  • Within very reasonable rates, we can help you to get the compensation you search for your suffering while being arrested.

Funding Your Case

Legal Help

Fadiga & Co have now been given a Contract from the Legal Aid Agency to tackle Public Law. This arrangement is a recognition of our experience, knowledge and experience in this area of work. Our public law arrangement enables us to counsel and help and represent clients under Public Funding ( Legal Aid).


Our experience and expertise in public law means we can offer you affordable rates along with an agreed commission where potential for each stage of the case.

Allergic Costs

We might have the ability to deal with your Unlawful Detention matter on a no-win no charge basis or no-win reduced fee basis.

Insurance Policies

Some insurance policies provide legal expenses cover which might have the ability to cover your case.

In case you have a public legislation issue like Unlawful Detention you would like to discuss please contact Amarjit Ahluwalia , Public Law Solicitor, on is 0208 672 8779.


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